Jerusalem Tear Special Edition

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This special edition bauble is based off a local design depicting the cute traditional houses spread out across the fields of Bethlehem.

Hand blown by Muslims in Hebron using recycled glass, hand painted by Christians in Bethlehem.

Customer Reviews

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Solid & beautiful.

We buy a/some new Bethlehem Baubles every year - an annual marker of our first thoughts towards Christmas! This year’s order has a particular poignance. A thoughtful company, doing special work in an affirming and all encompassing way. Thank you Ros and Co.

Beautiful and moving

Meeting Ros at a Christmas fair in 2016 has been the greatest addition to my gift-giving! Last year we gave baubles to all our 20 key clients, this year I’ve given them to all my godchildren. They are such a poignant and important reminder of why we strive for peace and the ability to live alongside people of different beliefs, politics and race. As long as you keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep buying!! Thank you x

Michelle Edwards
Limited addition tear bauble

A lovely hand decorated bauble , a great addition to my tree.

Leslie Mary Clarke
An gift from a courageous community.

What a wonderful way for us to support this incredible organization. Thank you for making this possible as many of us feel utterly helpless at the moment and this is a tiny way of showing that we care and making others aware.

Rona SB

What a beautiful bauble. Highly recommended for both how beautiful it looks and the good it's doing for people in The Holy Land


Product Info

These beautiful glass decorations (roughly 5cm in diameter) arrive on a bed of recycled shredded paper in their own presentation box along with a certificate of origin and a new gift card and envelope for you to write a personalise message on for your loved ones.

With a different design for the collection each year, Bethlehem Baubles are the perfect annual Christmas gift; great for stocking fillers, God Children, and that tricky relative who you never know what to get.

Did we mention that our products are 100% plastic free and only use recyclable materials from production right through to shipment. We're also busy working towards using 100% recycled materials in the future.

Dated Ribbons

You can now buy a dated ribbon and gift card for the current year with all our heritage baubles. Head back to the shop section and add to cart separately.

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UK Delivery

1-10 baubles costs £6 standard delivery

10+ baubles FREE standard delivery

Express delivery £10

EU Delivery

1-10 baubles costs £18 standard delivery

10+ baubles £30 standard delivery

World Wide Delivery

1-10 baubles costs £24 standard delivery

10+ baubles £45 standard delivery

If you need expedited international shipping then please get in touch directly at so that we can arrange a solution for you.

Return and Refund Policy

We hope you love your Bethlehem Baubles and the direct benefit it has on the community. If for any reason you are not satisfied then don't hesitate to get in touch so we can arrange a solution. 

Please remember that Bethlehem Baubles are not mass produced in a factory. Instead, each bauble is carefully hand blown by skilled Muslim artisans and then hand painted by Christian ladies in their homes. Although these talented individuals follow a general design each year, they will inevitabley leave their own creative mark. We believe that this is what makes our baubles special.