Christmas Heritage Collection*

*2022 edition being designed now!


The baubles are not suitable for children. They may have jagged edges, especially when broken!  Products are made by hand, which can result in variations in colour and shape.

What our happy customers say:

Just to say we love our baubles and I look forward to seeing the 2021 designs in due course.  Great Christmas presents all around. 


- Sara

I bought 3, they are beautiful baubles.

Cannot wait to look at some more.

A wonderful idea .Happy  Christmas and all the best for a happier year 2021


- Maureen.

A happy and blessed Christmas to you, too. The baubles have brought a great deal of joy in a very difficult year – not just to me but to the others who have received them. A very special gift!


 - Rev. Norma

Happy xmas - the baubles are  amazing and very rare and very special


- Karen

Just wanted to let you know what a great success the baubles have been even with people who "don't do God"!  A friend texted me this morning saying how brilliant she thought the baubles I sent her and asking for your info so she can get some for friends!  Next Christmas is a way off but she wants to get more of them.  I have sent her the link to your page.

Thank you for them, they are such a quality gift with a wonderful message of  the power of co-operation.


- Teresa