Help your Church AND families in Palestinian

This year we are making a special effort to reach out to churches of all denominations, asking them to support us by selling the baubles to their congregations at Christmas time. With each sale we will offer a small discount and donate £3.50 to your church, helping congregations around the UK to support their local church AND Palestinian families.
In a world of divisions, these beautiful decorations are a tangible sign of work for reconciliation.
The tourist trade in Palestine has completely disappeared. Generating income and uplifting their morale has become more important than ever so if you feel inclined, Bethlehem Baubles and Peace Lights tick two boxes by helping them and your Church. 
Each decoration comes in its own cardboard box with a leaflet telling our story.  They are ready to be sent as gifts all around the world without any additional packaging and the profits we generate will train up a new generation of painters and glass blowers, helping them build a future.

How it works

Each participating Church will be given a beautiful handmade wooden box containing Bethlehem Baubles samples – x1 baubles, x1 bell and x1 Peace Light.  These will be displayed at the back of the church alongside display flyers and a small A5 sign.  Each flyer will have a code relating specifically to their church. By entering the code on the website checkout, individuals receive a small discount off their order and £3.50 from each purchase will automatically be donated to their Church.
Please contact for further enquiries