We have worked with many prestigious outlets but we are always looking for more. Volume is important to us because the more baubles we sell the more jobs we create!

Please get in touch if you would like to include Bethlehem Baubles in your product range with an MOQ of 30 or more. Trade price on application.  

Please contact to find out more.


Bethlehem Baubles make ideal corporate gifts for companies wishing to give their clients and teams a meaningful gift as well as fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. Our ethically produced decorations are produced under fair trade regulations managed by BFTA (Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans).

We have also designed sleeves that can be especially printed to your specification that slip over the boxes so your brand name is elegantly associated with the gift!

What makes Bethlehem Baubles unusual is that we can produce at scale. We have been working with our artisans to develop these baubles over the last 10 years. Whilst this might seem a long time for a very simple product, it means we have ironed out the production and shipping issues that allow us now to produce much larger quantities that are consistent in quality - something that is often difficult to achieve with ethically sourced products in an often active conflict zone.

Please contact to discuss your requirements.

Bethlehem Baubles 2023 Ribbon
Bethlehem Baubles Christmas collection packaging
Bethlehem Baubles trade collaboration with boldwood books