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Promoting peace - peacefully

As part of our continued effort to support peace throughout Palestine, we are launching Peace Lights to serve as a reminder of our common humanity and the need for peace, harmony and regional stability.

Bethlehem Baubles Peace Lights are hand-blown by Muslim artisans in Hebron then taken to our team of Christian ladies in Bethlehem who paint on the dove and olive branch symbols. Our team at Bethlehem Express then coordinate with Israeli shippers to ensure the Peace lights are carefully exported.

Made in Palestine, the profit generated from the sales of these Peace Lights will be used to establish a training centre for a new generation of painters and glass blowers so that we can build a future for young artisans struggling to find work.

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Support co operation and Peace

Beautiful and unique t light holders

Joan Richardson
Lovely Light

Not quite as 'perfect' as the Christmas baubles but lovely nevertheless

Beautiful deep blue

Beautifully made as usual. Elegantly simple but powerful in its message. Thank you.

jane cookman

Ros, these Peace Lights are absolutely stunning. The design is so simple but so perfect, it is quite overwhelming. If people on opposing sides can come
together to create & distribute these beautiful pieces, why can't those in charge come together in the same way? They should learn from the example set by
these ordinary people who have made something beautiful by working together.
Wouldn't it be fantastic to imagine one of these sitting on the desk of every major politician involved in this hideous conflict?
I have many Bethlehem Baubles but these Peace Lights are without doubt the best - &. most significant to date.
Best wishes to you & your team & I
hope you can continue production in these difficult times.

Lovely item...

... and a lovely idea, which needs all the support it can get.


Return and Refund Policy

We hope you love your Peace Light and the direct benefit it has on the community. If for any reason you are not satisfied then don't hesitate to get in touch so we can arrange a solution. 

Please remember that Bethlehem Baubles are not mass produced in a factory. Instead, each bauble is carefully hand blown by skilled Muslim artisans and then hand painted by Christian ladies in their homes. Although these talented individuals follow a general design each year, they will inevitabley leave their own creative mark. We believe that this is what makes our baubles special.

Delivery Options

UK Delivery

1-10 Peace Lights costs £6 standard delivery

10+ Peace Lights FREE

EU Delivery

1-10 Peace Lights costs £18 standard delivery

10+ Peace Lights £30 standard delivery

World Wide Delivery

1-10 Peace Lights costs £24 standard delivery

10+ Peace Lights £45 standard delivery

If you need expedited shipping then please get in touch directly at info@bethlehembaubles.com so that we can arrange a solution for you.

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